Flexibility, stability and strength

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Stretching and mobility

Cat cow

Lumbar spine rotations

Hip flexor stretch

Arm chest swings

Hamstring swings

Strength, using body weight only (easy to do anywhere)

Bird dog

Plank and shoulder taps (alternate left and right arms)


Split squat

Press up (aim to bring chest to floor and keep torso in line with legs, don’t bend at the hips, hand under shoulders, use knees on floor to start building up to full press ups)

Reverse knee lunge (balance is hard to start alongside a wall to reach out to if needed)

Dead bugs (ensure lumbar spine is pressed into floor and not arching, reduce range of motion if lumbar spine is arching)

Glute bridge (feet nearer glutes is easier, challenge with toes or heels off ground)

Seated row with band

Plank on elbow (hold plank until unable to keep good posture)

Plank with knee taps

Weighted shoulder press (can be done with tins, water bottles or gym weights)