Past Putney Bridge

Extracts from the Tideway Code for rowers going past Putney Bridge
(see pages 102-103 in the 2019 edition)

Fulham Railway Bridge, first bridge after Putney Bridge

Due to commercial barge traffic movements at various freight facilities, rowers must not proceed below Fulham Railway bridge for 3hrs before and 2hrs after high tide.

Wandsworth Bridge, second bridge after Putney Bridge

Rowing boats should not proceed below Wandsworth Bridge, regardless of tide, unless the outing plan has been pre-approved by the Club Rowing Safety Advisor.

Beyond Wandsworth Bridge to Chelsea Bridge

Rowing boats are advised to inform London VTS if they go below Wandsworth Bridge but it has been agreed that they may proceed as far as Chelsea Bridge without having to contact London VTS .This is a concession, don’t abuse it!

Night time towing beyond Wandsworth Bridge

Rowing boats must inform London VTS if going afloat in the dark below Wandsworth Bridge.

Col Regs (Rule 9a) apply to all vessels.

Regardless of the tide direction, small boats should, whenever possible, navigate out of the Fairway and in the starboard Inshore Zone, as close to the bank as is safe and practicable .

When water levels allow, always use the bridge arch closest to the shore, unless it is closed and always pass inside/under all piers except where specific advice says otherwise

There is a 100m Exclusion Zone around the London Heliport above Battersea Rail Bridge . Small boats may transit this area but for safety reasons, must not stop in it .

On the map below note that the inbound navigation line is drawn in a light green colour that is harder to see than the dark green outbound navigation line.